Dish Rental

We offer food safe, stainless steel dish rentals with bundles between 20-100 pieces.

Each bundle includes forks, small spoons, large spoons, knives, 500ml cups, small plates, bowls.

Contact us to book a date & pick up time

Pick up, pay deposit and fee

Use as needed

Bring back rinsed and we’ll take care of the rest!


Please reach out for special pricing considerations. We are more than willing to work with teams and individuals on a case by case basis to help the community offer a zero waste party or event!

*Note: A refundable deposit of $10 per bundle will be charged at time of pick up and refunded
upon return.

Bundle of 20 = $20
Bundle of 40 = $35
Bundle of 60 = $50
Bundle of 80 = $60
Bundle of 100 = $70

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