Frequently Asked Questions

Are you offering in-store refill shopping at this time? 

Yes!! We’re back as of July 2, 2020! We are looking forward to seeing everyone! However, the risk for COVID-19 transmission remains high, so although we desperately want to meet the needs of the zero waste community, we will continue to follow Public Health recommendations. In order to achieve adaquate social distancing, we are limiting in-store shopping to a max of 2 customers at a time. 

Please note: To keep our beloved staff safe, we all shoppers must also wear a mask while in store shopping. We have reusable masks to purchase or borrow if needed (note: the borrowed masks are sanitized at high temperature between customers and then steam ironed.).

Here’s what you can expect when coming to refill:

  1. If you have any symptom related to COVID-19 or have been told to self-isolate, you need to stay home and avoid public spaces. You cannot come into the store. In addition, if you are over the age of 70 or are immunocompromised, please let us know ahead of time and we’ll gladly walk you through our curbside pick-up option instead to keep you safe!
  2. Bring your jars, containers & reusable bag!
  3. There is a 2 customer limit in store, so please be patient with us – so far, the wait times are typically around 2-10 minutes. If you need special accommodation(s), please let us know!
  4. Bring a mask! We also have masks for purchase and masks to borrow. These masks that go through a high temperature sanitizer between uses and are ironed with steam if you would like to borrow one. The main point is that masks are required for in store shopping due to the small space, so we thank you for helping us keep our team and you safe! *If you have a respiratory medical condition, a small child etc…masks are not required.
  5. Wash your hands & jars! We’ll have you wash your hands at the sink and then give the outside of your jars a wipe prior to refilling – don’t worry, it’s way easier than it sounds! We’ll have a staff member available every step of the way to help with the process 🙂

Will you continue to offer curbside pick-up?

Yes!! We will continue to offer our online store and curbside pick-up option during all open hours! We will also continue to offer our jar exchange and will accept clean jar donations. When you arrive, you’ll see the table set up and plenty of signs to help you know what to do. 

How do I make an online order?

    1. Go to the website https://my-site-104995.square.site and click the ‘Shop’ button at the top.
    2. Choose items you would like to purchase. You can either use the search function at the top of the page or browse the categories.
    3. Fill out all required information at the checkout, including contact info. At checkout, you can schedule a pick-up time or will be given the default time (which is typically an hour after ordering – or, if placed close to our closing time, it will default to the next day. If you are in a rush or nearby, just call the shop at 705-805-9969 and we’ll do our very best to accommodate!
    4. Pick up days are Monday to Friday 11am – 6pm and Saturday 10am-3pm.    
    5. Once you pay, you will receive a confirmation email and so will we! You will receive a second email once your order is ready for pick up (sometimes it only takes 10 minutes – the team works fast, so if you do not schedule a specific time, please wait for this email or text before coming to the shop to pick-up.)  
    6.  Once you arrive at the shop, you can call (our number is on the window) or simply come up to our curb-side table and give your name. The entire process is contactless, keeping you and our staff safe! 

NOTE: If you have jar returns, please see the jar return process below to ensure you will get your deposit refunded!


I placed my order, now what?

You can pick up your order on any of the following days:

Mondays 11am – 6pm

Tuesdays 11am – 6pm

Wednesdays 11am – 6pm

Thursdays 11am – 6pm

Fridays 11am – 6pm

Saturdays 10am – 3pm

*If you forget to include a pick up time and date at checkout for your online order, you will be automatically be given a time that is typically 30min-1 hour after placing your order. Please wait to receive a “you order is ready for pick -up” email – don’t worry, the team works quick!


Can I get my order delivered to my house?

Unfortunately not at this time, but we are working hard to find an affordable, realistic solution to this asap! 


What kind of jars/packaging do you offer for the online orders? 

  • Liquid products: You will receive liquid or wet products like oil and frozen berries, liquid cleaning supplies or soaps in one of our sterilized glass jars. **NOTE: we are currently utilizing jars of all kinds to fulfill orders, but will continue to charge a deposit fee to keep them in circulation and out of the local waste stream**. 
    • We have a few different sizes (1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 16oz, or 32oz or 1/2 gallon and 1 gallon jars – which are typically used for our frozen berries). 
    • You will be able to choose the amount of product you wish to receive when you choose your item online. 
    • A refundable jar deposit is included in the price of the product and ranges from $1 to $5. Just bring it back and the refund will go right back onto the card you used to pay with. 
  • Dry products: Any dry products will be measured accordingly and placed into a free paper bag. We recommend transferring dry products that you receive in a paper bag to an airtight container once you get home to keep them fresh. 

*All of our products are stored and packaged in compliance with Health and Food Safety Standards set by Public Health Sudbury & Districts. 

*If you have 16oz or 32oz mason jars or other jars of a similar size, please feel free to drop them off outside of the store if you do not have a use for them. We will add them to our jar circulation! 

Do you have any hand sanitizer or ingredients to make my own?

We carry Crosscut Distillery (Sudbury, Ontario) 80% alcohol based hand sanitizer in bulk! You can purchase an aluminum spray bottle for it if you wish, but otherwise it will come in either a 4oz, 16oz, or 32oz jar of your choice. We sometimes also offer pre-made (150ml bottled) hand sanitizer from Tree Top Bath & Body while quantities last. For every bottle purchased, one bottle will be donated by the owner of Tree Top (the lovely, Jenn) to someone in the community in need.  


How do I return the jars and get my deposit back?

We will accept any of our 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 16oz, 32oz and 1 gallon clear empty jars (*note: jars need to be in clean condition with the jar exchange label and lid to get the full refund back – we realize there may be small rust spots or issues beyond your control; just do your best!) on Tuesdays and Fridays when our staff is on site. The jars you receive will have our label on them (unless you received them during our trial week back in March 2020, but we will gladly accept those back too).

Here is how it works: 

    1. Bring a scrap paper with your name, phone number, # of jars and their sizes for our “form drop off bin”
    2. Place your jars in the “Jar Returns” container and paper in the “Jar Return Forms” box set up at the front entrance. 
    3. We will issue a refund onto the card you placed your order with asap once the forms are collected.
    4. Note: We will now accept jars from our local vendors (Tree Top Bath & Body, Joyful Candle, Country Cabin & Soaps) into our jar exchange return box that is set up outside the shop. Just make sure to list what you bring back on your jar return slip of paper (you’ll find scrap paper nearby if you don’t have any). We’ll then email you a discount code to use for future shopping if there is a jar deposit attached to it – either way, do a happy dance because you just helped a local maker reuse a jar instead of it ending up in the waste stream! 

Non-Returnable Items (don’t worry, just for now!):

    1. Our 1oz and 2oz amber ‘dropper’ bottles (used for essential oils) will not be accepted for return, but you will be able to refill them once the storefront re-opens!