Our Story

The Nickel Refillery is a Social Enterprise that was brought to life by a motivated group of people who came together over their knowledge and passion about reducing waste. With clear support from the community, the shop opened its doors on October 5, 2019. Although some team members have come and gone, initial founder Liz Anawati, continues to grow and operate the shop with help from The Nickel Refillery's all star staff team and strong community support.

Sudbury is centrally located in Northeastern Ontario and boasts many zero waste initiatives that span across the city! We wanted to support these initiatives with services and tools that would encourage customers to reduce waste. We take our time to choose local and Canadian-made products that are good for both people and the planet as often as possible.

In addition to offering zero waste products (such as food, DIY, household, personal care). The Nickel Refillery also hosts DIY workshops, rents out stainless steel dishes, offers various Terracycle bins, and do our best to support other community groups across the city. Our most notable project is the Energy Exchange (EE) program that is fueled by passionate and committed zero-wasters. The staff and EE team members are the driving force behind our shop, just look for the green aprons!

Our Values