Our story begins as a group of women, each one of us on our own zero-waste journey. We were involved in various capacities in waste reduction initiatives happening across the city, and our shared knowledge and passion about reducing waste brought us together. It was apparent to us that Sudburians were a part of a zero-waste movement, and we recognize that there was a growing need to have improved community support and convenient access to zero waste products.  

The concept of “zero-waste living” has been popping up in large Canadian cities such as Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, London, and Halifax, and is thriving in European countries.  We had heard from many Sudburians who were in need of a convenient location where they could find zero-waste products.

We created The Nickel Refillery and secured a storefront location where we could offer a wide-range of everyday zero-waste supplies and products that are free of plastic packaging. Our shop will offer only unpackaged or sustainably packaged items, and a variety of bulk products, many of them on tap. Each product was selected with scrutiny to ensure optimal sustainability. 

The storefront will also host workshops to foster opportunities to collaborate with others on their journey, no matter green or seasoned.  Check out the Workshops section for upcoming events!

We look forward to opening our doors this summer and seeing you soon!